***Customer Reviews***
"The technician was friendly and answered all the questions I had about the air duct cleaning service I ordered. He arrived on time and went straight to work. The job was very professional, and the technician showed me the ducts before the cleaning and again afterwards. There was a world of difference!"  — Nancy, Buffalo Grove IL

"I ordered the air duct cleaning online at Janisave. A few hours later, I received an email and phone call verifying the cleaning appointment I had scheduled. They arrived with their power truck the next day and did a great job."   
— Arnold, Arlington Heights IL

"I was very satisfied with the carpet cleaning service. I had a lot of stains on my carpet, but now it looks brand new, despite not having my carpet cleaned in almost 6 years. They arrived on time and were very courteous and professional. I would recommend them to anyone." — Pam, Evanston IL

"Janisave was courteous, prompt, and did a great job on my carpet. The technician did an extremely thorough job, and he made sure to get all the stains out. The carpet looked brand new by the time he was done."     — James, Woodstock IL

"I had severe allergies whenever I was in my home, so I decided to call to get my air ducts cleaned. The technician did a great job, and my allergies have disappeared." — Rebecca, Schaumburg IL

"I had trouble finding a power truck to clean my air ducts until I stumbled upon Janisave. I was hesitant at first because their prices seemed too good to be true, for the type of equipment they were using. However, I had nothing to worry about. They did a great job!" — Jim, Chicago IL

"I recommend Janisave's air duct cleaning service. The quality of the equipment they use is much better than any other company. Previously, I had my air ducts cleaned by a different company who used portable air duct equipment that did a terrible job. However, Janisave has a large truck specifically used to clean out air ducts. They did a great job, and I recommend them to all my friends." — Peter, Mt. Prospect IL

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